At the 15-year mark, I go back to my Nalanda origin story. It all started with “I’m an idiot”.
After a long time, here’s some Friday silliness on state of the markets.
Investing needs a good bullshit detector. Madras provides it, with style.
In stormy seas, it’s good to revalidate what our true North is. One way to do this is by asking ourselves basic questions on how we think about…
Insurance death-claims over Apr-Sep 2021 are 40% above trend, reflecting Delta wave severity. If all-cause mortality follows a similar trend, this…
A frothy market. A dodgy serial-acquirer. A wise analyst. A poetic justice ending. A real story of a short thesis, in which I played a bit role.
Reflections on two years of writing, anchored around the two keywords that I carefully chose for the title: Buggy & Messy.
“Fund managers in the rear-view mirror are dumber and luckier than they appear”
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Buggy Humans in a Messy World