Pulak's book on Evolution and Investing is out next year
In markets, 2022 was a year of poetic justice. I start from there to revisit a timeless yet confusing characteristic of markets.
I do something shady - I tout returns - to belabour my point on value of "own forever" mindset. Hopefully, ends justify my means.
Unfortunately, the term 'value investor' is mostly misunderstood. 'Business owner' is a better label for a sensible form of investing that emphasizes…
Based on my lived experience, India's journey over the last 75 years, in stock-market parlance, is one of going from a big-miss to a big-beat.
It's not what's mentioned in media or business-school. It's a lot closer to home than you think.
How did my investing apprenticeship really work? Just like childhood, and I'm not just referring to my tantrums.
A silly Friday guide to make sense of the ongoing prayachitham in Unicornia.
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