On what's good about investing. And a rant about what's bad about some parts of social science.
When others' interests are out of sync with yours, be wary of their views.
As second-wave winds down, it's time to get back to both investing and humour.
CRS data, across 12 states which account for over 70% of India's deaths, indicates that India did not witness above-trend deaths during covid first-wave
Deaths in line with trend during first-wave; higher in second-wave but well below what’s claimed
A primer on India's death registration system & statistics. This helps make better sense of (mostly flawed) excess-death and undercount-factor articles…
Like in investing, complicated frameworks are for former purpose. We use them to derive preferred outcomes, not reliable ones.
New evidence corroborates my earlier study showing that life-insurance claims in covid-first-wave are in line with historic trend
As in investing, balance sheet & accounting quality come before P&L
Global vaccine makers are closer to Unicorns than to Pharma companies as we know it. Looking at their journey, without hindsight, reveals how improbabl…
Data suggests that 9MFY21 death-claim growth is in line with or even below trend of prior six years. LIC and private-insurers show divergent trends, th…
It could let us vaccinate nearly twice as many people in next few months.