How many Covid deaths in Vaccine Pradesh?

ZERO. Any other number & we'd have heard of it. Ad nauseam.

How many Covid deaths in Vaccine Pradesh?
How do I know that? Because, if even one person died of Covid after being vaccinated, media would've flashed it on Page 1. With moving quotes from everyone who ever knew him (statistically more likely pronoun). Maybe sold an ad for Chyawanprash next to it. Nothing against media, but moving anecdotes with exaggerated negativity is in their professional self-interest.
How significant is this inverse reasoning? 90 million Indians have received at least one vaccine dose. They're most at risk: doctors, nurses, elderly. Imagine this vulnerable state as Vaccine Pradesh, 5th most populous state in India. More people than Germany. As I write, this large state has ZERO covid deaths while similarly populous states lose dozens daily. No wonder 4 million are migrating there daily.
There's no stronger case. If eligible and un-vaccinated, get vaccinated ASAP. Move to Vaccine Pradesh.

PS. This number will not stay zero. Not because vaccine is ineffective. On a large enough denominator with enough time, any damn freakish event is possible. Just don't buy into the sensationalist story when it happens.