Picture, few words: It's Tika Utsav time

Vax strategy's spot on. All we need is more of the same. Lot more.

Let's celebrate Tika Utsav with great gusto

I updated table showing age-profile of Mumbai's recent covid deaths. It's entirely consistent with recent assessment that 88% of India's covid deaths have been among those above 45 years of age. It validates India's vaccination strategy of targeting highest-risk groups based on age and co-morbidities.

We're on the right track. It's a question of doing more of the same. Only thing that's needed is for folks to show up. Pan-India, we have vaccinated over 30% of 60+. It's likely higher in cities (Mumbai's crossed 50%). Over the last few days, we've been vaccinating over a million 60+ daily and over two million 45-59 daily. Younger lot (which is a nice way to refer to myself) seems more inclined to show up, as ratio of two groups in population is 1.5:1. If this holds, and we don't entertain disastrously moronic distractions like vax-for-all, we should get vaccines to over half of India's most vulnerable cohort by month-end.

It's Tika Utsav time.