Picture, few words: Regional disparities in covid severity

Worst-3 states unchanged. Rest of India >10x better. Trending wrong way, though.

I thought I'd update a few of my standard graphs over the weekend. This one uses data on deaths/day/population. I tabulated state-wise for states with >1cr population with four Western countries as an external reference.

Worst-3 states (Maharashtra, Punjab, Chattisgarh) on this metric remain unchanged and are doing roughly as badly as USA or Germany.
Rest of India, in aggregate, is >10x better than Worst-3.
Most states (except Worst-3, Delhi, Himachal) are doing better than UK (best of West in taming covid) on this metric. Delhi, Himachal are half as bad as Worst-3.
Naturally, problem is that trend across India is in wrong direction unlike UK.
I'll share updated picture every few weeks.