Picture, few words: Regional disparities in covid severity

DL, CT, MH are worst-3; RoI falls into two groups; Sharp deterioration all around

Same metric: deaths per crore people as indicator of covid severity.

Same method: calculated metric for 22 most populous states.

Reference: India was at 8.5 at 2020 peak, is at 16 now (Western country data in table).


Delhi is off the charts, literally, at 146. 2x of its prior peak (also, way worse than RoI).

Maharashtra (46), Chattisgarh (68) continue to fare poorly.

Punjab moved from worst-3 to next group.

Within RoI, 7-states, accounting for 18% of population, fare worse than India average.

Next-7 are at 21 (range: 16 to 31), compared to 11 at 2020 peak.

12-states, accounting for 68% of population, fare better than India average.

Best-12 are at 6.2 (range: 2 to 9), compared to 4.4 at 2020 peak.

Surprisingly, 7 of 12 are faring better than at 2020 peak. These include Andhra, Assam, J&K, Kerala, Orissa, TN and West Bengal.

Even more surprisingly, 4 of these 7 are election states. Go figure.

Outside of worst-3 states, India faring better than USA, Germany, France.