Were over 80% of Mumbai's recent Covid deaths preventable?

Yes. If those eligible had got vaccinated at the earliest.

Were over 80% of Mumbai's recent Covid deaths preventable?

(a) Of 156 deaths in past 10-days, 79% were aged 60+.
(b) Another 18% were aged 40-60, mostly with co-morbidities.
All of (a) and a decent % of (b) were eligible for vax since March 1.
AZ's (i.e. covishield) USA trial data indicates 70+% protection from serious complications and 100% protection from death, after 1st dose.
There was no paucity of shots or slots in Mumbai through March.
Above implies that 80-90% of recent deaths were preventable.

While I wouldn't blame government for personal irresponsibility, could more have been done to address vax hesitancy or inaccessibility? Can more be done now on a war footing, to save lives over next 30-days? Not just by government. Media? NGOs? Local politicians or community leaders? Anyone reading this in a position to do something?

Our vax targeting strategy is perfect (to prevent ~90% of deaths). But execution faltered. If feels like criminal negligence to have the means to prevent deaths but waste it. Especially when there's a second livelihood penalty on a different set of economically vulnerable due to ham-handed reaction to avoidable panic.

(As I write this, under 50% of Mumbai's elderly have been vaccinated)