Word of the day: Tyrannoid

A second pest that the first has brought out

Combining personal paranoia about health with tyrannical tendencies over sphere of influence leading to disastrous outcomes across life, livelihood and liberty to all concerned.

Typically found in parts of public administration, and if really unlucky, in office-bearers of your housing society. Tyrannoids (noun too) think nothing of pre-qualifying who can enter your home, telling you what you can & cannot do, requiring reasons for living life, making many others starve and extracting bodily fluids without consent. As paranoia implies poor judgment on risk and tyranny implies psychopathic indifference to others' plight, tyrannoidal administrators have already made a mess of things. As panic increases, they make a bad situation worse. Tyrannoids are insufferable on Whatsapp groups and ruinous in positions of responsibility.

No known cure or vaccine for tyrannoia.