Big November election

A silly short digression into top-of-mind politics

I’ve typically refrained from commenting on politics but this November’s big election is too important to ignore. Directly impacts lives of hundreds of millions of people. Potentially has major ramifications for India. A choice between two imperfect options.

On one side is a candidate who claims to have drained the swamp, but his association with right-wingers makes elites uncomfortable. Questions have been raised over his handling of recent pandemic. His star seems to have faded since his last election win. He’s seeking votes in our PM’s name with some segments. He’s flipflopped on key issues over the years and even switched teams. His side is never sure if he’s reliably with them, but his personal brand is so strong that they have no choice but to go with him.

On the other side is a goofy, silver-haired, 90s sort of guy. Despite over four decades in politics, it’s unclear what his achievements are. He’s seen as a standard-issue establishment politician. Corruption allegations, a son who’s a total embarrassment, supporters with a penchant for violence in the street and an association with leftie/socialist crowd are seen as challenges. Opponents attack him on law and order, and many worry that he’s well past his prime.

I’d love to speculate on the outcome, but then again, I am no expert on Bihar politics.