How have different states fared in vaccinating the vulnerable?

Answer: Very differently. Unclear why.

I ran some basic numbers across large states using publicly available data (see table). A few interesting questions that pop up:

Why such variation?
Any learnings from above-average states for others?
Which are priority states (faring poorly on both covid-deaths & vaccinating vulnerable)?

Since most of this vaccination has happened within last few weeks, it's too early to correlate this with attenuation of severe-cases/deaths. However, that should be an interesting pattern to observe a few weeks out.

Any government insider (or one of those tanks that think) could run these numbers at a more granular level (e.g. district) with better data and see if there are any demographic patterns to poor turnout or vaccination.

I continue to believe that we have adopted the right approach in prioritizing vaccinations for vulnerable. Key issue isn't strategy, but execution.

PS. I have slightly over-estimated % vaccinated since % of elderly has risen since 2011 census.