A Friday Silly Short on how Indians actually discuss Biden's VP

A conversation at a Tam wedding later this year:

A: Ava enna pannaraa, Shyamala oada ponnu?

B: Yaara pathi paesarai?

A: Besant Nagar Gopalan oada paethi. California la law padichaalae.

B: Oh, avalaa. America oada Vice President aayittaa.

A: Paravaayillaiyae. Enna sambalam?

[Before I provide an English translation, please note that conversation is far from over. It moves on to explore the familial network graph from Kamala to Sundar, involving multi-dimensional references to relationships, geography and cuisine. There will be daunting references to Machinar, Athimber, Tirunelveli, Tiruvanmiyur and, wait for it, Mahali Kizhangu. Due to translation challenges, I’ll skip the rest of the conversation. ]


A: What’s she up to, Shyamala’s daughter?

B: Who are you referring to?

A: Besant Nagar Gopalan’s granddaughter. Studied law in California.

B: Oh, her. She’s become America’s Vice President.

A: Not bad. What salary?