Make America Late Again

A Friday Silly Short piece on what's both topical and never-ending

Ongoing warp-speed election counting reminds me of my visits to Khar telephone exchange whenever MTNL line went down. Bhoot bungalow appearance, pervasive smell of ammonia, Indira Gandhi pictures on walls, computers running software without GUI and startling efficiency where all problems are referred to an imaginary Pandeyji on 3rd floor. I guess all governments are essentially the same. Since we seem to have a lot of time to pass, here’s some timepass …


USA to seek RBI's help, to learn from their speedy note-counting after demonetization. (As a friend pointed out, they can also share best practices on handling more votes counted than cast)


Covid should escape attention long enough for herd immunity to obviate need for lockdown.


Even in India, where there's still some residual fetishizing of government as a force for good, I cannot imagine Election Commission going:

"Hey, how can we improve this process?"

"Let's rope in India Post and give them a central role"


Byjus-Whitehat revise USA business plan. Will start with counting, before moving onto coding.


For some Friday cheer, remember that world's deadliest nuclear arsenal is handled by a similar workforce.

"Bob, I received 8 warheads. "

"Only 8?"

"Why, how many did you send?"

"Never mind, let's go with 8."

<Now, where's that Geiger counter>