NVT op-ed: Bloody New Year in Trump’s America

A distraught New Valasaravakkam Times published its scathing op-ed on rising intolerance in America

Following (imaginary) op-ed was published by New Valasaravakkam Times in light of recent events

As majoritarian White Christian Nationalists laid waste to America’s church of democracy, we wonder what has happened to a once-great country (vernacular op-ed titled ‘Eppadi irundha America …’). A land whose founding fathers guaranteed life, liberty and pursuit of happiness, at least to white male land-owners, now fares poorly on all three. From enforcing order all over the world, whether they liked it or not, to not maintaining it at home. From supplying arms to both sides of any conflict, to inability to remove arms from their own. From so successfully introducing democracy to dictatorships, to an inability to count votes or transfer power at home. From a healthcare system that was world’s envy to not taming a pandemic (except that Emmy wala Governor who said he did a fine job). From First Amendment to Jack and Zuck’s censor board.

Years of fascism have led to rising intolerance and divisions. Black vs Blue. Black vs White. Red vs Blue. All vs Orange. Left vs Right. Men vs women vs others. Even inanimate objects haven’t been spared. Masks. Statues (such brutal woman-handling; even their erstwhile colonial overlords only pee on statues after drunken violations of covid curfew). This divided country needs a healing touch. From Biden. Or, is it still Trump? Whoever. Incoming president should rule by consensus. Take everyone along. Route all legislation through standing committees. Hold incessant discussions with anyone who has a grievance or a road-block. Seek help from great minds of the day. Thunberg. Markle. Tharoor. Yogendra Yadav.

If America can’t get its act together, we see no alternative to an intervention by world’s noblest body. Yes, UN Human Rights Council, with China, Russia, Pakistan and Saudi Arabia. Only such beacons of benevolence can restore the Idea of America.

[On a related note, municipal councillors of Tondiarpet and Maduravoyal taluks discussed worrying deterioration in American public life and passed a resolution condemning the same. They also issued a travel advisory to Tamilian grad students to not needlessly drive around America. They were advised to carry both MAGA and Antifa paraphernalia, but display only one of them as appropriate.]

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