Picture, few words: Mumbai vaccination pace & coverage

Slowly but surely, we're getting to a good place

While pace feels frustratingly slow, keep in mind that Mumbai has achieved nearly 2x coverage of all-India.

60+ reached nearly 25,000/day pace before ramping down. We've covered around 60% & are on track to cross 70% by end-April.

45-59 looks brisk at >25,000/day after it was opened to non-comorbid, but note that 45-59 population is 1.5x of 60+. We're on track to cover ~50% of 45-59 by end-April.

It's my belief that messy world comes with it's own 'natural' pace of adoption for any new initiative. While interventions can nudge it upward, it's hard to shift it dramatically because we don't even know what drives or constrains that pace. There are no easy explanations or solutions, notwithstanding how confident or articulate 'experts' seem. But, as long as we keep at it, we'll end up in a good place sooner rather than later.