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Its a wonderful book.....thanks a lot to Pulak sir for the same...The insight that you can generate decent returns just by studying past and not worry about predicting future itself saves huge amount of time...similarly how 2 ignore macro stuff & buy when it hits right price without waiting for right time also saves lot of time......How zero debt , deep promoter focus, taking calculated risks adds flexibility to the business and helps in bad times are key things to watch out for......Waiting even for 10 years to buy a business is something which is an eye opener and explains the deep patience which is required in this game of investing.....Connecting all these with examples from biology ,zoology etc ( which are observations from what is existing in universe) is the best......Salute to Pulak sir ...Apart from the writings in book, I would add Anand Sridharan Sir's blog about management ( What not to do) as recommended reading list .......Ofcourse I am curios about on what other things Pulak sir spends time on a day 2 day basis to keep himself occupied ...Kudos to Pulak Sir and his team

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