How I don’t think

A Friday silly short note on investing thoughts that have never occurred to me

Invert, always invert. Following Jacobi-Munger advice, if my essays are on how to think about investing, I should also discuss how I don’t think about it. Since it’s Friday, here’s a silly short note on thoughts that never occurred to me:

·       Let’s consult an economist.

·       What’s the beta of this thing?

·       Who else is in the stock?

·       I gotta get myself a neo-bank.

·       What’s that formula for cost of capital, again?

·       Real estate is a great investment.

·       Gold is an investment.

·       Let me learn about Bitcoin.

·       What’s consensus expecting?

·       What would Powell do?

·       Sure shot multi-bagger, this is.

·       Hey, look. Promoter/CEO has cleared entrance exams.

·       How do I position myself to play

o   Inflation

o   China + one

o   Re-opening trade

o   Formalization

o   Democratization of data

o   Business cycle

o   Crap-tech theme

·       What will FY24 earnings be?

·       Promoter’s the sort who would rob a blind beggar, but it’s in the price.

·       What’s in the index?

·       This time is different.

·       Where’s market headed?

·       Great value, but let me wait for more clarity to emerge.

·       What would Masa do?

·       We’re in a structural bull market.

·       We’re all gonna die.

·       Wow, whattay transformational acquisition.

·       This sure is shitty, but

o   It’s in the price

o   You should see new CEO’s resume

o   Byjus will buy it

o   It’s backed by so many marquee private equity names

o   It’s a consensus buy

o   That note says high-conviction buy

o   Just look at the TAM

o   All its comps trade at 30x revenue

o   Some famous guy bought it yesterday